Fair Winds Acupuncture

Stacey Whitcomb EAMP, LAc. MSAOM

Founder of Fair Winds Acupuncture

“Fair winds and following seas”, is a nautical blessing given upon a ships departure. It is a sailor’s way of wishing a fellow sailor favorable conditions and a peaceful journey. This is my wish for you in your journey to better health!" - Stacey

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The Practice

I love what I do. How can I not feel fortunate when I treat someone and they get better? Whether it’s pain from a motor vehicle accident, back pain, digestive issues, brain injury, skin problems, symptoms from chemotherapy or a stroke, East Asian Medicine works. Yes! Even a stroke! I provide relatively painless acupuncture which is safe and has no side effects. Some imbalances or dis-ease respond better with Herbal Medicine so I often prescribe formulas to my patients to augment the healing process.

I look forward to being in partnership with you to attain better health. East Asian Medicine is a Holistic practice. Everything counts. Lifestyle is important. We discuss all things. Nutrition, sleep, stress, and community are important and this is where you do the work. My work is the Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha and Herbal Medicine. Together we journey towards optimal vitality.

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The Person

 I don’t know about you but I have had such a good run this lifetime in this amazing body and I am SO grateful! I have run crazy distances, raced mountain bikes and triathlons, flown off of kickers, done back flips  and spinning back hook kicks. I boxed, water-skied, snorkeled, sailed, climbed trees, mountains and volcanos, painted, fly fished, white water kayaked and had to eject in a hole because my boat wouldn’t. I skied a year before I fell and then didn’t know how to get my skis back on mid mountain. Even tho I am evolving into a “mature adult”, I aspire to keep all the parts moving!

I love thoughtful movies and well written books. I am learning to play the ukulele and I walk dogs most evenings because it makes me happy to see them happy.

I can’t imagine not being able to do these things so I do regular Acupuncture and take Herbal Formulas to heal up my aches and pains and shape up my digestive health.


Client Testimonial

"Stacey has a deeply patient-oriented, empathetic approach to acupuncture.  Even as a Resident, she was as knowledgeable and confident as someone with many years of experience.  Her massage background certainly helped too, as Stacey was able to combine modalities for tailoring the best approach for me, as an individual patient.  I only wish she had stayed in Portland - I would never go to anyone else for acupuncture or herbal treatments! "

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