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East Asian Medicine can treat you in SO many ways!


Acupuncture is the insertion of hair thin single use sterile needles into certain points on your body based on diagnostic differentiation and diagnosis.  Everybody experiences acupuncture differently. Sometimes you feel nothing and sometimes you will experience a deep dull ache that dissipates. No matter what, your comfort is important to us. We empower you to speak up and tell us how you are feeling! We care and want you to be comfortable and relaxed.

Electro Acupuncture

Sometimes treatment calls for something special. With electro we attach certain points to an e-stim (electric stimulation) machine and let it run for awhile. It is not painful. We are just adding more oomph to the points for quicker healing. Electro is often used with joint or muscle pain or injury.

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Cupping is great for alleviating pain or helping to get rid of a cold. It really gets things moving! First we apply a cream to the skin and then the cups are applied with suction. The visual result is often a reddish purple circle on the skin. You may have seen this on the Olympic athletes. It’s been around like all of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years but due to our bizarre media hyped world it is all the rage to get cupped now. It feels great! Of course we can do cupping but only if is is applicable to your diagnosis.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is magical when it comes to releasing the fascia which is the tissue that surrounds the muscles and is interconnected all throughout your body. We apply cream or lotion to the area and then use a special gua sha tool to rub or scrape over the area. It also can leave a mark that resembles a bruise but is not painful. Gua Sha is also a great treatment in the very first stage where you are just catching a cold.

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Moxabustion is basically an herb called Aiye or Mugwort. It can be utilized in many forms. There is pole moxa, stick on moxa, rice grain moxa, etc, etc. It has a very warming and nourishing effect on the body and can often be rather energizing. I love using moxa and the way it smells. It is hugely beneficial for my weaker or needle sensitive patients and is often a much more efficient replacement for ice in reducing swelling.

Herbal Formulas

Oh my! How this one seems to scare some people. We only purchase from companies who batch test all imported herbs for pesticides and sulfer and provide organic options when available. They also incorporate DNA testing to make sure they are getting the correct species of plant. We are trained to personalize formulas for the individual in front of us. There are a couple ways to take a formula. These include tinctures, granules, tea pills or bulk herbs cooked by you like a tea. We also can provide topical formulas for pain relief or dermatological issues.

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East Asian Medicine can treat so many things!


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Orthopedic Acupuncture

Also referred to as Sports Medicine Acupuncture is gaining popularity as an alternative to prescribing Opioids (painkiller medications). Acupuncture is amazing for pain relief and free of side effects. We can also use acupuncture to encourage post operative healing or treat any type of musculoskeletal issue. I LOVE to move and play and have a grand desire to keep you moving and playing as well.

Auto Accident Acupuncture

Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance or motor vehicle insurance covers acupuncture. Often when you are in a slow moving accident in a car you don’t feel pain until a couple months later. (I’m happy to explain this in a consultation.) It is super important to get treatment whether the accident was traumatic or you just got rear ended  by someone going 25mph. We are happy to work with your attorney and/or insurance company.

Digestive Health

Problems with constipation, diarrhea, IBS, reflux, gas, bloating and pain respond amazingly to acupuncture and herbal formulas. Lifestyle and nutritional changes are usually involved in this healing process.


I have successfully treated balance issues, traumatic brain injury causing one sided paralysis, tremors, and neuropathy. This is a system where Acupuncture shines. We can elicit responses and healing that no amount of pharma can. BOTH can be very important in treating these complicated problems but it’s almost like acupuncture sneaks in and makes things happen that are just not possible with western medicine.

Mental and Emotional Pain

Stress, depression and anxiety seem rampant in our current culture. Things are just moving way too fast in today’s society and we are overstimulated! East Asian Medicine is really great at addressing these issues utilizing herbal formulas, Qi Gong meditation, acupuncture and ear seeds.  Maybe you are grieving a loss, making tough decisions, or are chronically anxious. I can help, but usually it is the multifaceted plan that creates the most successful outcome. Be prepared to try some new self care practices.

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Dermatological Conditions

Skin problems whether chronic or acute respond amazingly well with herbal medicine and acupuncture. If you have chronic problems it may take a little time to turn things around but it’s worth it!. In Chinese Medicine we say that what shows up on the outside is an expression of what is going on inside. So, essentially we have to build you up from the inside out so that your outside protective layer is balanced and healthy.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

This is a hot ticket lately! The Empress and concubines in the Sang Dynasty used facial acupuncture to keep it fresh. Want to skip the scary Botox, weird injections and facelift but look 5-10 years younger? We gotcha covered! The great part is that we treat the whole you so you look and feel amazing. It takes 10-12 visits to get optimal results as the acupuncture treatments build on themselves. We see you 1-2 times a week with no skips until we hit ten. Results last 3-5 years and then you many want to come in for a couple boosting treatments. This treatment is more expensive than a regular treatment due to the time involved and the specialized needles used in treatment.

Wellness Acupuncture

Absolutely and yes please! The best medicine is preventative medicine. Frequency of visits depends on your constitution and level of health and vitality. As a simple baseline i suggest once a month. Lets destress you and boost you up to keep you from getting ill.

Are you curious if I can treat what ails you but it is not listed? Give me a call on (360) 746-9280! Chances are that I can and have! Well, and if I don’t then we can find you the best person who does.